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Air compressor features
Jan 05, 2017

Directly by the motor driven compressors, crankshaft rotation, drive the reciprocating motion of the piston to the connecting rod, cylinder volume change caused. Due to changes in pressure in the cylinder, after air filter air through the intake valve (mufflers) into the cylinder, in the compression stroke, because of the reduction in the volume of the cylinder, compressed air through the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe and check valve (check valve) into the gas tank, when the exhaust pressure is pressure rated 0.7MPa controlled by the pressure switch which automatically shut down. When air tank pressure dropped to 0.5--0.6MPa pressure switch automatically join start.

Is to provide air power and air compressor, and is a core device of the pneumatic system, electrical and mechanical subject in the introduction of gas supply, which is the Prime Mover (usually motor or diesel engine) mechanical device that can convert gas pressure, pressure of the compressed air generator.