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Air compressor main uses
Jan 05, 2017

A traditional air power: pneumatic tools, rock drills, pneumatic pick, pneumatic wrenches, pneumatic sand

B, instrumentation, control and automation equipment, such as machining center tool change, etc.

C, braking, doors opening and closing

D, compressed air blowing in air jet loom weft to replace shuttle

E, food and pharmaceutical industries, compressed air is used to mix grout

F, large marine diesel engine starting

G, wind tunnel testing, tunnel ventilation, metal smelting

H, oil well fracturing

I, high-pressure air blasting mining

J, weapons systems, missiles, torpedo launch

K and submarines had ups and downs, salvage and offshore oil exploration, hovercraft

L, tire inflation

M, painting

N, bottle-blowing machine

O and air separation industry

P, industrial control power (drive cylinder, pneumatic components)

Q, production of machined parts-high pressure air cooling and drying