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Air compressor structure
Jan 05, 2017

1: oil cycle

Before starting, start the pump control system, air compressor pump controlling system startup to ensure good lubrication lubrication part, and oil pump control system with built-in temperature control valve to adjust the internal pressure and temperature, in order to meet the need.

2: air circulation system

Compressor work Shi, air after since clean type air filter device was inhalation, through PLC automatically cleaning filter device, air in after imports guide leaves automatically regulation Hou into a level compression, by a level compression Hou of gas temperature high, then into middle cooling device for cooling (water go tube, gas go tube outside, in the cold device of water flow requirements for 110m/h) zhihou into two level compression system, for avoid system in the of gas pour compression cavity within (avoid with pressure up moving) Installed in the exhaust pipe of the compressor has a hung Quan Qi valve, compressor discharge gas pushed open the non-return valve into the exhaust silencer, then after entering level cooler, cooler after the second, and then into the exhaust pipe.