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Classification of gas purification equipment technology
Jan 05, 2017

1, non-symmetric plasma at low temperature. Low-temperature non-symmetrical plasma module via a high voltage, high frequency pulse discharge non-symmetric plasma field, so much of the atmosphere between plasma level impact. Electrochemical reactions, and live viruses, bacteria and other hazardous and toxic gases for rapid degradation and effective disinfection, sterilization, odor, smoke, dust, and non-toxic substances, known as 21st century science for environment and health of the most promising high-tech. Coexistence, pleasant machine, clean without the departure of persons; saving, 80% of electricity can be saved per cent; lifelong exempts. Quick kill viruses, super clean, efficient removal of odors, eliminate static electricity capabilities, increased oxygen content.

2, chemical agents. Main products include air fresheners (perfume), the low prices of their products, but also can mask some odors, and complex chemical reactions occurred in the presence of sunlight, new pollution in the car, it is impossible to eliminate harmful gases.