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Indoor purification equipment selection
Jan 05, 2017

1, buy it right channel

When you buy air purifier, proposal as far as possible in the large shopping malls, electronics stores, brand stores and mainstream formal channels such as e-commerce website purchase. According to their actual needs to buy air purifier.

Air Purifier brand, features, performance, design and price has a great deal of difference, dazzling. Recommendations according to their actual needs of consumers buy products, not more features, the better. For example, the need for protection of PM2.5 consumers proposed PM2.5 purification ability of air purifiers. Newly renovated family can focus on removal of formaldehyde and toluene, outstanding ability to air purifier.

2, filter technology

Particles pollutants filter technology main is HEPA filter network, HEPA filter network quality uneven, some small brand of filter network although has high of filter efficiency, but resistance big, energy efficiency than compared low, and is easy jam, life more short, General recommends selection with electrostatic standing very of depth capacity dust HEPA filter network, electrostatic standing very technology makes no spinning cloth fiber with plus or minus electric, effective capture air in the of particles real, many HEPA filter network are known as has electrostatic standing very technology, But for technical reasons many mesh electret charge will decay very quickly in a short period of time, leads to reduced filtration efficiency. Choose 3M "" static electret by HEPA filters, and 3M masks using the same static electret technology, permanent guarantees efficiency electret attenuation. High efficiency, low resistance and large dust holding capacity is the absolute truth!

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