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NICOLER sterilization technology
Jan 05, 2017

NICOLER derived from Yu Greece language, original is "victory of people" of mean, now is refers to people machine with field synchronization job a disinfection way: for air disinfection Shi personnel without left disinfection places, disinfection sterilization of while on human no any of hurt, this species disinfection way called "dynamic disinfection"; due to is human through science and technology beat natural biological of once success practice, so also called "NICOLER sterilization technology".

NICOLER sterilization technology is based on a workshop and high humidity, high temperature and high, so as to the actual feature, using the latest NICOLER levels of plasma electrostatic field works in both directions, disinfection process: through HV DC pulse plasma electrostatic fields have a reverse effect, generates a large volume of plasma. In the presence of negative pressure fan, polluting the air by means of plasma electrostatic field negatively charged bacteria are killed when broken down, keep the controlled environment in "sterile dust free" standard. Due to plant disinfection, person may work in a shop, so the disinfectant machine called "NICOLER dynamic disinfector". The machine is an advanced disinfection equipment, without any harm to the human body, mainly used in the case of someone working synchronous dynamic antiseptic disinfectant; this equipment is widely used in some large food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging, cooling and bottling aspects within the enterprise.

Indoor and more than 300 kinds of gaseous pollutants can kill decomposition, such as radon, ammonia, formaldehyde, benzene and other radioactive and inhalable particles and all kinds of bacteria and viruses. Excluding decoration caused odor and dust in the air, including cigarette smoke, etc. Without any damage to the human body.