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Mobile Wine Bottling: The future of wine bottling services?
Mar 06, 2018

Across the New World wine regions of California, South Africa, Chile and Australia, as well as the Old World wine regions of France, Spain and Italy, a growing number of vintners & winemakers are choosing to utilise mobile wine bottling services.

Mobile wine bottling - Background

What is mobile bottling you ask? Well, it's pretty much as it sounds - wine bottling machinery which is loaded on a truck - these trucks drive from one vineyard/ winery to another, supplying a mobile solution to their customer's cyclical wine bottling requirements. Many winemakers & producers do not have the appropriate facilities on-site in order to bottle their products - this is down to a number of reasons, including investment costs or maximizing space for grape harvesting, crushing/pressing, fermentation and the various other stages of the wine making process. For decades, wineries have taken the approach of sending their finished products over large distances to a central bottling facility. However, in recent years mobile wine bottling has emerged as new & popular alternative. 

The challenge of preserving wine quality

Similar to any other types of food & beverages, one of the greatest challenges for wine makers is ensuring the longevity and quality of their product, as its delicate balance is very easy to upset by numerous conditions, such as changes in temperature, exposure to oxygen, moisture or bacteria - all of which may cause the wine to spoil & take on a rancid flavour. In order to prevent this product spoiling wine producers use high purity food grade nitrogen gas throughout the wine making process, as well as in the final stages of wine bottling, where nitrogen gas is flushed through bottles & used to fill the gap between liquid and cork.

This is where mobile wine bottling service suppliers encounter a problem - in order to meet the demands of their customers, wine bottlers will have to carry large quantities of nitrogen gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen dewars, as well as be required to regularly change over heavy cylinders or tanks - a rather dangerous & time consuming. Furthermore, the space that will be taken up within mobile trucks by these gas cylinders or liquid nitrogen tanks is a loss of valuable bottling space - a major disadvantage when high volume output is the key to a bottlers' success.

Nitrogen generation solutions for wine making 

However, there is an opportunity for new mobile wine bottling companies to gain a distinct advantage over their perhaps less agile competition, by using a nitrogen gas generator system, integrated into their trucks.  With a nitrogen generator system mobile wine bottlers can maximize the space within their trucks, wihch in turn frees up more room for bottling throughput. A nitrogen gas generator system can deliver a highly consistent purity of food grade nitrogen gas at a fraction of the cost of conventional gas supply methods - also, with nitrogen gas generated on demand, there will be no more need for changeovers or moving heavy or dangerous cylinders/ tanks around - not only will this save time & money, but it will also lead to a substantial value added and greater customer satisfaction.

Peak's i-Flow nitrogen generator system can deliver flows up to 7212 SCFM of nitrogen at purities ranging from 95% to 99.9995%. Utilizing the latest in Pressure Swing Adsorption technologies, with a high grade Carbon Molecular Sieve i-Flow can product high quality food grade nitrogen to meet the needs of any food or beverage application. i-Flow's unique modular design means users can increase their nitrogen supply capacity as demand grows, saving both time & money, whilst maximizing efficinency in a sustainable & future-proof way.