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5 Benefits Of On-Site Nitrogen Generation
Mar 08, 2018

benefits of onsite nitrogen

5 Benefits of On-Site Nitrogen Generation

There are several industries that require the use of nitrogen. The pharmaceutical industry, companies producing food packages and brewing companies all rely on nitrogen in their manufacturing process. However, paying for someone to bring you nitrogen is often costly and inefficient. Instead, here are five benefits of having on-site nitrogen systems.

1 – Saves Money

You’ll save money having on-site nitrogen generation. Repeated bulk purchases, as well as rental fees, can be expensive. There is also the possibility of losing product during the transportation process. With an on-site source, you’ll also eliminate delivery fees and any extra insurance costs.

On-site nitrogen generation means you only pay for what is produced. You also only produce exactly what you need. Your investment in on-site generation will quickly pay off. Depending on how much nitrogen your company uses, you may see a return on your investment in less than a year.

2 – Increases Safety

Safety for employees is a primary concern for any organization. This is especially true when employees are working with potentially dangerous items such as nitrogen. Exposure to the nitrogen during the delivery process is always possible and can present several safety hazards. Since nitrogen gas must be converted into liquid form for delivery, there’s always the potential for employees to receive serious burns.

Employee injuries can lead to increased medical costs and time off work. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), businesses will spend $170 billion each year on illnesses and occupation-related injuries. You can reduce the chance of work-related injuries by having nitrogen on the premises. Not only is this a matter of employee safety, but putting your workers at increased risk will likely lower morale.

3 – Reduces Downtime

Having a supply of nitrogen on your premises will eliminate delays associated with waiting on the delivery of a new supply. With your own supply, you’re not at the mercy of another company’s inability to deliver in a timely manner. Becoming self-reliant in all aspects of production is necessary when running a successful company.

Waiting even a few hours can mean a big delay in the manufacturing process. Over the course of several years this can add up to an enormous amount of lost time and productivity.

4 – Provides Convenience

With on-site nitrogen generation, you have gas that’s available 24/7. Whether you’re making steel, manufacturing ceramics or brewing beer, the entire production process will run much more smoothly if there’s always a convenient source of nitrogen available. On-site nitrogen is efficient and easy to operate.

Even if your supplier delivers in a timely manner, it’s simply inconvenient to go through the hassle of ordering, doing paperwork and then arranging time for delivery and storage. You’ll also be able to eliminate any commitments to a long-term contract.

5 – Reduces Environmental Impact

Turning nitrogen into a liquid for delivery requires a large amount of energy. Since most nitrogen is needed in gas form, this is a waste of limited resources. Having a source of on-site nitrogen will vastly reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Considering the energy and costs involved in transportation, it’s definitely environmentally friendly to have your own nitrogen source. This is something both your employees and customers will appreciate. Business.com states that going green provides several advantages for a company. A few benefits include receiving government incentives and building a positive public image.

There are several advantages to making nitrogen gas yourself instead of buying it on an ongoing basis. NiGen provides safe and highly efficient on-site membrane nitrogen units. Membrane generators differ from PSA generators in that they have fewer moving parts and are not prone to liquid or vapor damage. Membrane units can also be operated either automatically or manually. NiGen have both skid-mounted and modular systems that can be customized. Contact NiGen for more information regarding the best on-site nitrogen generator to meet your company’s needs.