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Oxygen Generator To Prevent Its Rotten Deterioration, To Achieve The Effect Of Preservation
Jun 09, 2017

The main role of the Oxygen Generator 

1. Sterilization Research shows that ozone is a broad spectrum, efficient, fast fungicide, Oxygen Generator  it can quickly kill people and animals pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes. Ozone is a highly oxidizing substance that, by virtue of its oxidizing properties, can destroy the biological structure of bacteria, viruses and other microbes in a relatively short period of time, and the Oxygen Generator  loses its viability. There are many compounds that use oxidizing to kill microorganisms to achieve sterilization, such as common chlorine, bleach, potassium permanganate and so on. However, these fungicides are not only slower than ozone sterilization, and the general fungicide is harmful to humans.

2, detoxification. Ozone can effectively remove toxic gases through the oxidation reaction, Oxygen Generator  such as C0, S02, mustard gas and so on. Ozone dissolved in water can be oxidized and decomposed to effectively remove toxic substances such as heavy metal ions, organic poisons, cyanides, sulfides and dichlorvos, omethoate, mala sulfuric acid and other pesticides.

3, protection and preservation. As the ozone on the bacteria, microbial strong role in the killing, Oxygen Generator  with ozone water treatment of meat and other food can achieve corrosion, eliminate odor, preservation effect. In the ozone can also produce a large number of negative ions in the air, some negative ions can effectively inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, delay its metabolic process. At the same time, ozone can kill the pathogen caused by rotting fruits and vegetables, decomposition of fruits and vegetables produced by the process of digestion with metabolic waste such as ethylene, alcohols, aldehydes, aromatic and other substances. In this way, in the role of ozone and negative ions inhibit the metabolism of fruits and vegetables and microbial pathogens breed spread, so as to delay the aging of the aging, to prevent its rotten deterioration, to achieve the effect of preservation. Studies have shown that ozone can make food, beverages and fruits and vegetables storage period extended 3-10 times.

4, deodorant, in addition to smell. Oxygen Generator  natural odor and corrupt taste caused by the main components of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, ozone can react with them to oxidize the decomposition of non-toxic, Odorless substances, so as to achieve the effect of deodorant.

Selection of Oxygen Generator  gas source

Oxygen Generator  gas source selection: the application of ozone to determine the amount of occurrence, divided into gaseous disinfection and liquid disinfection under two categories. The amount of ozone generated and the amount of use are generally determined by multiplying the amount of generated amount by the amount of time taken to occur, vuv6fdi, but in different uses and different places. Oxygen Generator  in use, the air supply configuration directly affect the ozone concentration, yield and purity, the gas source is generally divided into ordinary gas source, dry air source, oxygen-rich gas source and industrial oxygen gas source, Configuration, in the case of the same device, the concentration and yield in turn increased. In accordance with the application of common sense, generally should not be equipped with ordinary air supply, because it will affect the connection of the device life and lead to instability. Therefore, the commonly used gas source can be divided into the following by use:

1) Dry air supply - space disinfection, water treatment, swimming pool water, aquaculture water, production circulating water, water reuse, etc.

2) Oxygen-enriched gas sources - places of high demand for ozone concentrations such as pure water, mineral water, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical and food workshops

3) industrial oxygen source - high purity requirements, the concentration of the demand is more important, small gas applications such as places

3. For large-scale disinfection of space applications, such as medicine, food and other industries sterilization of the workshop, the general should be installed special pipe points to the workshop, so that even ozone distribution, and some access to the central air conditioning ducts, but This approach can sometimes cause corrosion and ozone depletion of air conditioning ducts.

4. For water treatment, the main allocation of ozone dissolved in the water of the dosing device, generally divided into aeration (direct aeration or oxidation tower), Venturi jet, turbo suction or Nicole pump Mixed type and so on several, more than its soluble in water efficiency can be increased in turn, Nikoni pump efficiency up to 95% or more.

1) Aeration: tap water, aquaculture water, production of recycled water, domestic sewage, industrial wastewater

) Venturi jet type: secondary water supply, pure water, mineral water, aquaculture water cooling, swimming pool water, etc.

3) negative suction: small water applications

4) gas-liquid mixed pump: small water applications or ozone disinfection of water applications