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Characteristics Of Nitrogen Generator
Jan 05, 2017

(1) the nitrogen-producing fast and easy:

Advanced technology, unique air distribution, and make more uniform air flow distribution, efficient use of carbon molecular sieve, 20 minutes to provide qualified nitrogen gas.

(2) ease of use:

Devices compact, integral skid-mounted, occupies a small area without infrastructure investment, low investment, you can simply connect the power production of nitrogen.

(3) is more economical than other forms of nitrogen:

PSA technology is a simple and convenient method of nitrogen, with air as raw material, energy consumption is only air compressor consumes less power, with low cost, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

(4) mechanical and electrical integrated design automation to run:

Imported PLC control of automatic operation, nitrogen flow rate pressure purity and progressive display, enables unattended.

(5) use a wide range of:

Metal heat treatment process of gas, chemical industry production by gas and nitrogen purification of various types of tanks, pipelines, production of rubber and plastic products by gas, exhaust oxygen preservation, and packaging of the food industry, beverage purification, and covers gas, pharmaceuticals packaging and containers of nitric nitrogen-filled rows of oxygen, the electronics industry, such as electronic components and semiconductor manufacturing process of gas. Purity, flow rate, pressure can be adjusted to meet different customer needs.