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Compressor & Other Gas Equipments Play A Large Work Ability
Oct 09, 2017

The Compressor & Other Gas Equipments is the "heart" of the refrigeration system. The Compressor & Other Gas Equipments sucks the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston through the motor to compress it, discharges the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe, and provides the refrigeration cycle to realize the refrigeration cycle.

Compressor & Other Gas Equipments want to run normally, it needs its internal parts between each other, mutual cooperation, in order to play the greatest ability to work. Scraper ring as a Compressor & Other Gas Equipments on a small component, but has an important ability to work. The scraper ring is equivalent to a cleaner that scrapes the excess lubricant from the Compressor & Other Gas Equipments piston rods to avoid excessive lubricating oil that can affect work efficiency or cause work accidents. So this little parts in the assembly, use when we need a lot of attention.

First, in the selection of the Compressor & Other Gas Equipments on the scraping oil ring, its quality is very important, to pick high-quality, hard to wear gold cast iron, or tin bronze can. And buy to pay attention to check the scraper ring can not have holes on the blank, wear, etc., which will affect the effect of scraping oil.

Second, the scraper ring is a corresponding size, in our Compressor & Other Gas Equipments assembly, to see the size, pay attention to the use of pairs, the direction should also pay attention to ensure that correct, do not make mistakes, otherwise it will cause oil spills The

Third, the Compressor & Other Gas Equipments scraping oil ring of the incision must be dislocation installed, scraping oil ring spring must be tightened, and hand to test the degree of tightness, such as too loose must be re-adjust the tightening force, so as not to cause the oil string, will affect the specific working condition.

Fourth, in the use of a period of time after the Compressor & Other Gas Equipments, we also need to regularly check the parts, especially for the scraper ring inspection, mainly to see its flatness, to see whether the surface of the accumulation of oil, whether there is Blocking the timely cleaning, you can extend the use of time.

Professional Compressor & Other Gas Equipments manufacturing, assembly are through a rigorous process and inspection, so the quality of its internal parts is also guaranteed. Generally the original assembly of the scraping oil ring parts, we can rest assured that when we need to be replaced, as much as possible to choose the original brand manufacturers, you can increase the matching degree. Or you can choose a good reputation, professional Compressor & Other Gas Equipments business accessories.