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Cryogenic Air Separation Principle Of Nitrogen
Jan 05, 2017

Cryogenic nitrogen can not only produce nitrogen and liquid nitrogen production, meet the needs liquid nitrogen technology requirements, and storage in liquid nitrogen storage tanks, when there is a intermittent duty with nitrogen or air separation equipment when repairs, after a tank of liquid nitrogen into the carburetor is heated, satisfaction process plant nitrogen into nitrogen pipeline needs. Operation of cryogenic nitrogen cycle (interval between two heating) typically 1 year, therefore, cryogenic nitrogen is not taken into account and set aside. Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen only the production of nitrogen, no alternate means of single equipment cannot guarantee continuous long-term operation.

Membrane nitrogen air separation system principle

Air compressors compressed filtered into the polymer membrane filters, for a variety of different solubility and diffusion coefficient of gas in membrane, resulting in different relative penetration rates in different gases in the film. According to the characteristics of gases can be divided into "quick" and "slow".

Dang mixed gas in film sides pressure poor of role Xia, penetration rate relative fast of gas, as water, and hydrogen, and helium, and hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, through film Hou, in film of penetration side was rich set, and penetration rate relative more slow of gas, as methane, and nitrogen, and carbon monoxide and argon gas, gas is was stranded in film of side was rich set, to reached mixed gas separation of purpose.