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Gas Equipment And Purification Equipment To Ensure The Safety Of Important Safeguards
Jun 20, 2017

Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment is the most important aspect of natural gas from mining to household use. As the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment process has high temperature and high pressure, toxic and harmful and flammable and explosive characteristics and hidden dangers, the purification equipment in the event of dangerous situation or failure, it is easy to cause Safety accident. Therefore, the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment for maintenance and repair, attention to equipment safety management is an indispensable work. To ensure that the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment to maintain a stable and continuous operation, to carry out routine maintenance and safety management equipment is to eliminate security risks, to ensure the safety of important safeguards.

Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment maintenance process need to be hot, electricity, hoisting, handling, limited space and other special operations, due to natural gas flammable and explosive, maintenance operations on the existence of danger. Any irregular operation, improper management may cause serious consequences. Therefore, the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment for maintenance and safety management, is to grasp the safety and daily management of the important work.

Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment main equipment and maintenance

Natural gas from the wellhead mining, which contains hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and other substances, can not meet the life, production with natural gas requirements, the need for further desulfurization, de-hydrocarbon, dehydration process before use. This process has become a Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment process, according to different purposes and media requirements using a number of purification equipment, mainly: desulfurization absorption tower, dehydration absorption tower, regeneration tower, triethylene glycol renewable, filter separator, gas-liquid separator, activated carbon Filters and so on. Purification equipment in the event of failure caused by downtime, it may directly lead to natural gas leakage, gas business to stop production, the residents living gas is not guaranteed and other serious social consequences, so the maintenance of equipment is an important task.

Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment maintenance risks

Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment maintenance process there is a certain risk, how the operator does not pay attention to safety or improper management will cause the accident. Maintenance process risks are due to equipment damage, personnel illegal operation, protection measures are not in place and other factors, therefore, do a good job of equipment maintenance and safety management is necessary.

1. Risk of personal injury in maintenance

1.1 Risk of poisoning. It is possible to cause poisoning or suffocation accident due to air circulation due to the presence of H2S, SO2, CO and other gases due to the limited space maintenance work of purifying tower, irrigation and other equipment, or drainage of water after washing, occur.

1.2 Fire and explosion risk. In the purification of containers, pipelines and other equipment for welding, cutting and other hot work or can produce open fire operations, due to the possible existence of flammable and explosive materials in the equipment and fire accidents. In addition, pipelines, flanges and other substances exist in the FeS or condensate and other substances in the maintenance of language fire will also cause a fire explosion.

1.3 Stress accident risk. The equipment may cause an explosion of the test equipment or the valve due to operational failure or mechanical fatigue during leak detection. Natural gas systems and steam systems may be overpressured, and if there is no effective isolation between the pressure systems, maintenance may cause a blowout accident.

1.4 Fall and electric shock and other accident risks. Purification equipment maintenance In the high-altitude operations, hoisting operations, electricity operations, if not take effective protection measures, there may be personnel fall, objects fall hit people, electric shock and other accidents.

2. Management risk in maintenance

Management risk refers to the risk of improper management of personal injury, property damage, environmental pollution and other events.

2.1 illegal command and illegal operations. In the maintenance process, due to illegal command, illegal operations are likely to lead directly to the occurrence of some dangerous incidents.

2.2 items used, placed, misuse and other improper. When the equipment is overhauled, scaffolding, solution, machine tools and so on are improperly placed and improperly managed. It is easy to cause drop, slip, tripping, collision, burn and so on.

2.3 third-party job management errors. Foreign personnel operation is an important source of risk, foreign construction workers are not familiar with the details of Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment, without a unified training, lack of on-site work and guidance and other reasons, easy to induce a variety of accidents.

Equipment maintenance and safety management measures

Safety management measures are good and implemented in place is a measure of safety level, good management is an effective guarantee for safe production. To ensure the safe and smooth operation of Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment, you need to do a good job in management.

1. Comprehensive development of equipment maintenance safety management system

Management system is the guidance and foundation of all work, we must first develop a comprehensive and professional safety management system, the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment daily management, maintenance procedures, maintenance of the various parts of the requirements, the use of tools, staffing, emergency measures to conduct a comprehensive , To ensure that equipment maintenance process all the matters and work are provided, there are documents to guide and management of the designated management system to do publicity and education and implementation of the work.

2. Strict implementation of PDCA management system

PDCA is the check of the plan -Do-execute (check) -Action (improved), which is the most commonly used management system approach. Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment maintenance to do a detailed maintenance plan and program, after the audit signed to agree to overhaul before the implementation of maintenance work, work and after the implementation of the work to the quality, content, progress, security, inspection and evaluation, according to inspection and The results of the assessment of the existence of the problems and safety risks to follow up, put forward the rectification measures to be improved, thus forming a cycle, and constantly improve the continuous improvement of purification equipment maintenance safety management level.

3. To strengthen the equipment maintenance work ticket system

The work ticket is a permit to operate, natural gas equipment operations to strictly enforce the operating permit system, as long as the Gas Equipment and Purification Equipment equipment related to any need to apply for a single operation permit, for the need for fire, parking, isolation and other operations also need to apply Special operating license. Each operation permit ticket must strictly specify the time, the applicant, the licensor, the number of operations, the use of tools, operating parts, job content, etc., but also clearly pointed out that the operation of the possible hazards and corresponding precautions, the scene Operational emergency measures, on the one hand to facilitate inspection and post-verification, on the other hand, as far as possible to ensure the safety of operations.

4. Set up maintenance site caregivers

Every time the maintenance of natural gas equipment need to specify a person as a site caregiver, on-site caregivers to be rigorous training and to ensure that qualified after the posts, caregivers are responsible for the maintenance of the construction site of all personnel safety, personnel Enter the scene and leave the scene of the record, the use of tools records, emergency alarm and handling, and other personnel and departments of communication. Caregivers should be aware of the hazards of the scene, to the construction personnel of the unsafe behavior in a timely manner to point out and correct each entry into the scene before the start of the operation, caregivers have to talk about the work of the above notes, emergency measures and other important information to convey to Everyone, improve everyone's sense of security.

5. Strengthen the equipment maintenance on-site inspection

The personnel who maintain the equipment are usually foreign personnel or professional technical operators, their safety awareness is relatively weak, which requires a special HSE personnel on the operation process and the scene to check the inspection, including the work ticket is perfect, caregivers Whether it is familiar with their duties, whether the operating staff to understand the contents of the work Notes, whether with protective equipment, etc., to check the insecurity found in the investigation to be intervened and corrected, the existing problems to be recorded and put forward rectification proposals, follow-up follow-up The

6. Strengthen the daily maintenance of purification equipment

Long-term use of equipment will be tired and aging, to purify all equipment inspection and maintenance equipment, the timely elimination of equipment operation and unreliable situation to ensure the stability and reliability of equipment, equipment management is the main content, but also to ensure equipment safety The most important means of sex.