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Gas Purification Equipment Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Aug 10, 2017

Indoor air is good or bad, not just look harmful micro-particles (such as dust, pollen, etc.), but also depends on oxygen content, harmful gases (such as formaldehyde) content, water vapor content and other indicators. Dust can cause asthma, pollen will cause allergies, and PM2.5 can be directly into the blood vessels, the human body can not be reversed, can not repair the damage, called the number one health killer. Oxygen levels, in addition to relying on artificially open doors and windows, but also the building itself and the air tightness, the new national standard to improve the air tightness standards, the new building than the old house "suffocate", but also more warm. Carcinogens formaldehyde usually in the new house decoration to reach the peak, in addition to more environmentally friendly decoration materials, the complete ventilation can also effectively reduce the formaldehyde concentration. Summer rainy days, sauna days, long to stay indoors, will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, which is high in the room with high moisture content, humidity.

At present to solve the problem of indoor air quality has two magic: Gas Purification Equipment and fresh air system.

Gas Purification Equipment is an electrical product capable of adsorbing, decomposing or converting various air pollution (dust, pollen, odor, decoration pollution such as formaldehyde, bacteria and other allergens, etc.) to improve air cleanliness. Fresh air system, refers to the new air ventilator and pipe accessories consisting of a set of independent air handling system, the outdoor fresh air through the pipeline to the indoor, in the room to form a "new wind flow field." In layman's terms, the Gas Purification Equipment is the indoor air purification; fresh air system, is the indoor and outdoor air exchange, the introduction of fresh air to the house.

The purification principle of the Gas Purification Equipment on the market is numerous, and the HEPA high efficiency filter membrane should be used when the economic conditions permit. HEPA film is an international standard mature products, filter PM2.5 effect of 99.97%. Activated carbon filtration is also recognized as an effective, harmless way to adsorb harmful gases. Electrostatic filter is likely to cause excessive ozone, open the best home no one at home. Negative ions, catalyst technology is not yet mature, the effect is limited. Water filtration method is safe, but has not yet solved the problem of large size. Purification efficiency of the purifier depends on the room area and the CADR value of the purifier (the rate of clean air provided), the room is small and small, and it is a small horse-drawn cart. It takes a long time to give the room fresh air. Another drawback is that it can not solve the problem of oxygen content, still need to manually open the window ventilation, once every ventilation, and have to wait for purification.

Fresh air system is the new darling of the market, in Europe and the United States family is very popular, architectural design will be reserved when the ventilation duct and the body position, and in the domestic home market has just started, currently used in villas, high-end apartments. With the new air system, a new air into the house, naturally able to solve the problem of oxygen content; install filter module, can also achieve the purpose of filtering harmful particles; install heat exchange module, but also let the winter is about to discharge the indoor warm air Play the final heat, to the cold air into the room will rise. Summer, vice versa, energy saving and environmental protection. Due to the specific design according to the unit ventilation, laying pipes and regular maintenance, the price is slightly higher.

The market also has a lot of choice of air purification equipment, but many people still keep wait and see attitude, and some in the purchase also have a lot of concerns and questions. We are worried that the Gas Purification Equipment is really able to filter the net pollutants, in particular, so that everyone talk about the change of PM2.5; there are people who worry about the use of Gas Purification Equipments, to pay a high tariff; there are worried about the use of a lot of trouble , Bad control.

Gas Purification Equipment, also known as Gas Purification Equipment, air cleaner, Gas Purification Equipment, purifier, filter and other names, is able to adsorb, decomposition or conversion of various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor , Formaldehyde and the like decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), can improve indoor air quality, improve living, office conditions, effectively improve air cleanliness, enhance physical and mental health products. Mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, building.

Gas Purification Equipment commonly used in air purification technology: Photocatalyst, activated carbon, electrostatic dust collection, HEPA efficient filtration, negative ion generator. The existing Gas Purification Equipment is mostly compound type, that is, at the same time using a variety of purification technology and material media.

The name, type and function of the Gas Purification Equipment on the market are different. Consumers have a lot of doubts about the uneven quality of the products, the price disorder, the false propaganda and the lack of standards. With these concerns, let's take a look at some important ways to evaluate the quality of air purification equipment.