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Gas Purification Equipment Has A High Filtration Efficiency
Jul 11, 2017

As people become more and more educated, the health problems caused by the environment are becoming more and more concerned, many people are considering the purchase of Gas Purification Equipment. The market also has a lot of choice of Gas Purification Equipment, but many customers still keep wait and see attitude, and some in the purchase also have a lot of concerns and questions. They are worried that the Gas Purification Equipment is really able to filter the net pollutants, especially for everyone to talk about the change of PM2.5; some people worry that the Gas Purification Equipment once used to pay a high tariff; some customers worry about the use of a lot of trouble , Bad control.

What is Gas Purification Equipment?

Gas Purification Equipment, also known as Gas Purification Equipment, air cleaner, Gas Purification Equipment, purifier, filter and other names, is able to adsorb, decomposition or conversion of various air pollutants (usually including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor , Formaldehyde and the like decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), can improve indoor air quality, improve living, office conditions, effectively improve air cleanliness, enhance physical and mental health products. Mainly divided into household, commercial, industrial, building.

Gas Purification Equipment commonly used in air purification technology: Photocatalyst, activated carbon, electrostatic dust collection, HEPA efficient filtration, anion generator. The existing Gas Purification Equipment for the complex type, that is, using a variety of purification technology and material media.

The name, type and function of the Gas Purification Equipment on the market are different, and consumers have a lot of questions about the uneven quality of the products, the price confusion, the false propaganda and the lack of standards. With these concerns, let's take a look at some of the important ways to evaluate the quality of Gas Purification Equipment.

The strength of the purifier of the Gas Purification Equipment is determined primarily by the applicable area and the amount of clean air (CADR: the amount of clean air provided). The ability to purify other contaminants should be combined with the applicable area. In other words, the unit time, can filter the net the greater the space, the better the effect.

Filtering performance refers to the effectiveness of suspended particles in the air (eg PM2.5), and whether or not chemical gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. can be filtered out at home. The more pollutants can be filtered, the higher the net rate, the better.

In addition to filter net filter efficiency, but also consider the life of this factor. Although some filters have a high filtration efficiency, but the resistance, energy efficiency is relatively low, and it is easy to plug, short life, the relative cost of follow-up maintenance.

Gas Purification Equipments are usually long-term continuous use, energy efficiency ratio as a measure of Gas Purification Equipment purification capacity and power consumption of the important indicators, worthy of our attention.

Gas Purification Equipment brand, function, performance, design and price are very different, people dazzled. It is recommended to buy Gas Purification Equipment, it is recommended as far as possible in large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce sites and other formal channels to buy.

Yixin Gas Purification Equipment is a leading technology quality products. More importantly, it brings you and your customers a real, cleaner and healthier environment.

The fresh air system is an air purification system that can achieve internal and external air circulation, rising in the country last year, as domestic air pollution is worrying, and families in heavily polluted areas are starting to find solutions - Gas Purification Equipments. But the malpractice mentioned above, so I can not meet the requirements of many of the great land of our country. So that this degree of purification is higher, more perfect purification system to become the new darling. Originally only in the hospital, the company and other places the equipment was moved to home, so that family members enjoy a more comfortable environment.