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Gas Purification Equipment It Is Possible To Enjoy Fresh Air Without Window Opening
Jul 20, 2017

In recent years, people pay more attention to animal welfare and environmental protection. At present, the methods of improving air quality in livestock and poultry are mainly including ventilation, dietary regulation and air purification. However, in the case of livestock and poultry, In the exploratory stage. Studies have reported that the use of ozone oxidation capacity can purify poultry air, and achieved remarkable results. In the 1970s, with the rise and development of photocatalyst technology, it has been widely used in the fields of antibacterial, air purification and water treatment. The research on the application of Gas Purification Equipment in livestock and poultry houses has not yet made a breakthrough. The research group has obtained the preliminary research results on the impact of high energy photoelectric deodorization equipment on pig's air quality, pig health and production performance. In this study, two kinds of Gas Purification Equipment, namely, high energy photoelectric deodorization equipment and photoelectric deodorization instrument, which are developed by the research group, are used in the chicken coop to discuss its effect in purifying the air, and provide the theoretical reference for the selection of the application.

High-energy photoelectric deodorization equipment is the use of different wavelengths of ultra-short ultraviolet (UVC) light source to produce ozone and oxygen in the air, and the use of ozone and oxygen atoms strong oxidation, to efficiently remove harmful substances in the air; Stinky instrument is based on photocatalyst titanium dioxide (TiO2) in the ultraviolet radiation, the occurrence of a strong redox reaction, the activation of the surface of the material adsorption of oxygen and water, the formation of strong oxidative hydroxyl radicals and reactive oxygen, the air free of harmful Substances such as harmful gases, organic matter, bacteria and viruses are broken down into harmless carbon dioxide and.

When the outdoor air quality is poor, most consumers think of the first point is to reduce the out, the room closed, and then the house of air purification, and at this stage most of the way consumers to air purification For the use of air purifiers, but the traditional air purifier is to rely on the internal circulation of the working principle, can not completely improve the indoor air quality, only in the effective radius of the smaller range of internal air circulation, if the need for outdoor air circulation , Fresh air system began to play a role. Fresh air system with the window can not enjoy the fresh air, reduce indoor carbon dioxide concentration, remove harmful gases and other functions.

The principle of the fresh air system is to enter the indoor fresh air into the room, and then the indoor carbon dioxide and harmful gases discharged to the outside, the formation of an air flow field, while the air to the indoor air into the room to filter, disinfect, Sterilization, oxygen, etc., while the amount of fresh air to the indoor delivery is greater than the amount of air discharged from the outside, so as to keep the indoor air clean.

Gas Purification Equipment mostly after the transformation of water and electricity, pay attention to the reserved power and switch sockets, according to the housing area, pattern, different requirements to set the outlet, the outlet of the election wrong, in the late use may produce odor. Installation to choose a professional installation team, on the one hand to ensure quality, on the other hand to avoid the installation process in the unexpected problems can be dealt with in a timely manner. After installation, pay attention to leave the maintenance port, to facilitate future maintenance.