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Gas Purification Equipment Light Quality, Good Versatility
Jun 20, 2017

① early effect air filter

Description: The primary air filter is suitable for primary filtration of air conditioning systems and is mainly used to filter dust particles above 5μm. The filter is made of non-woven fabric, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter, metal mesh, and the material is made of three types: plate, folding and bag. , Aluminum rolling net and so on.

Features: Inexpensive,Gas Purification Equipment light weight, versatile, compact structure

The main purpose: commonly used in air conditioning and ventilation system of primary filtration, but also for only a simple filter air conditioning and ventilation systems.

② in the effect of air filter

Description: Medium effect filter is widely used in air conditioning system, intermediate filter, suitable for high dust concentration occasions, the use of high-quality chemical fiber non-woven filter, dust capacity. Mainly used to filter 1-5μm dust particles, with a small resistance,Gas Purification Equipment the advantages of large air volume. In the efficiency of the filter bag and box, modular and other styles.

Features: large air volume, low resistance, stable performance, cheap, versatility.

③ sub-efficient air filter

Features: Efficient filters for efficient filters, extending the life of high efficiency filters.

Main use: Widely used in optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, bio-medicine, precision instruments, beverage and food, PCB printing and other industries clean air purification station air supply at the end, can also be used for a variety of vertical (horizontal) Workbench,Gas Purification Equipment laminar or turbulent industrial and biomedical clean room.

④ high efficiency air filter

The main purpose: for a variety of local purification equipment and clean plant.

⑤ air shower

The air shower is the necessary passage for people to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room. Air door of the two doors for the electronic interlock, and the role of the air chamber can be prevented from the clean air into the clean room, reduce the staff access to the clean room during the dust on the clean room pollution. When the staff into the air shower, the high-speed clean air flow through the filter after the filter can be rotated from the nozzle in all directions from the spray to the human body,Gas Purification Equipment can effectively remove the dust particles carried by the clothes, with dust particles from the early high efficiency filter The filter is then recycled to the air shower area.

1, low temperature asymmetric plasma. Low temperature asymmetric plasma module, through the high-pressure, high-frequency pulse discharge to form an asymmetric plasma electric field, so that a large number of plasma in the air between the impact. Produce electrochemical reaction, the toxic and harmful gases and live viruses, bacteria and other rapid degradation, and thus efficient anti-virus, sterilization, odor, smoke, dust, and non-toxic substances, known as the 21st century environmental and health science Worth looking forward to high-tech. Can be man-machine coexistence, purification at the same time without personnel to leave; energy saving,Gas Purification Equipment year on year can save 80% of electricity; With a fast kill the virus, super clean capacity, efficient elimination of odor, eliminate static electricity, increase the oxygen content.

2, chemical agents. The main products for the air freshener (car perfume), its products are inexpensive, but can only cover some of the smell, but in the sun under the action of complex chemical reactions, a new car pollution, simply can not eliminate harmful gases.

3, chemical decomposition. The main working principle is the ionizer ozone generator, its low price, more than the freshener function, can increase the number of negative ions in the air and reduce the air in the solid dust, a bactericidal effect on the decomposition of formaldehyde and other harmful gases little effect. Ozone generator to produce a large number of high concentrations of ozone, kill some of the virus bacteria at the same time may also kill human leukocytes,Gas Purification Equipment may lead to cancer may be, negative ions easily adsorbed dust, which adhere to the interior wall of the compartment, resulting in interior The color car will gradually become gray and black.

4, adsorption, volatile. Is the medium of herbal medicine as the medium of the purifier, low price, there is a certain bacteriostatic function, but the herbal medicine in the solid state basically can not achieve the role of purification, the use of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients only trace, to saturation not only can not be sterilized and easy to become bacteria Of the reproduction of the body, replaced the filter involved in the harmless handling of the difficulties.

5, adsorption. Activated carbon filter, in a short time to absorb certain bacteria and dust and harmful gases, low prices, can filter a certain bacteria and dust adsorption function, but no choice of adsorption,Gas Purification Equipment the adsorption rate of water 45%, generally one month After the saturation state can be replaced. Can not be recycled. To achieve saturation after not only can not be sterilized and easy to become a breeding body of bacteria. Replacement of the filter also involves the harmless handling of the difficulties.

6, multi-layer filter. Mainly for the composite purifier, filter effect is better, can significantly reduce the air in the solid dust, but the price is higher, and its filter device after a period of time requires replacement, can not be regenerated, the basic no effect on harmful gases. More supplies, the use of high cost. Replacement of the filter involved in the harmless handling of the difficulties.

7, catalysis, decomposition. Mainly photocatalyst purifier, can break down some of the harmful gases, the price is relatively low, the use of UV light easily damaged, frequent replacement, while UV on the human body, plastic damage.

8, filter adsorption. Mainly using hydrophobic crystalline silica molecular sieve as the filter medium. The effect is obvious. Can completely remove benzene, xylene,Gas Purification Equipment chloroform and other harmful gases, the water and air does not adsorb, can effectively adsorb a variety of harmful gases, adsorption capacity, a regeneration can be used for one and a half years. The filter material can be used with a simple method of desorption and regeneration, without generating new sources of contamination. Material life of up to ten years and thus maintain a very low cost, to reduce the role of solid dust in the air is not much higher than the cost of other products one-time products.