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Sep 26, 2017

FEDA Nitrogen Inc. was established in Sep, 2015 in Texas USA.  It is now manufacturing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) on-site nitrogen generator for food, beverage, oil and gas, and chemical industry, as well as oxygen generator for medical industry to serve the North and South American markets.  

A new manufacturing facility has been set-up in Greater Houston area in TX, which is based on similar structures to what is used by the parent company Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co., Ltd.  Currently FEDA Nitrogen Inc. is in the process of manufacturing the first FEDA US Nitrogen generator in the Houston facility, so that FEDA US team would require multiple meeting, technical guidance and support from Beijing Feda High-Tech Gas Co., Ltd. staff with best manufacturing practices, process and information that have already been implemented in Beijing Feda.  Our business goal is to provide clients high quality equipment made in USA.

Feda Nitrogen Inc. has a website of and some photos of the manufacture facility are show below.图片2.png图片1.png


Below are the pictures of our booth in Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston TX in the year of 2017.