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Membrane Nitrogen Generator Purity Greatly Improved
Jul 11, 2017

The Membrane Nitrogen Generator  is made according to the principle of air separation by electrocatalysis, in which the electrolytic cell is designed using the reverse process of the fuel cell. As the pressure of stable and pure raw material into the electrolysis of the battery, the oxygen in the air by the daughter-in-law to obtain electrons, with water generated hydroxide ions, and migrate to the anode, and finally lost in the anode electrons to precipitate oxygen, so The oxygen in the air is constantly being separated. Leaving only nitrogen with the gas output.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator  6 major features

1. program control. High-purity nitrogen generator control system using a dedicated chip. Is the whole process of work are complete control procedures. Automatic constant pressure, constant current, nitrogen flow can be achieved according to the amount of 0-300ml / min automatic adjustment.

2. Advanced technology: electrolytic cell using vertical single-sided double cathode. The latest membrane separation technology, the catalytic layer using PCAN carrier and precious metal catalyst, the electrolytic cell catalytic efficiency, gas production, high nitrogen purity, electrolysis cell before 100 hours or more high pressure, high current aging test, the electrolytic cell performance and Working condition is extremely stable.

3. Three-stage catalytic, in addition to electrolytic cell two-stage catalytic and other third-pole catalytic catalyst for the selection of new precious metals, the output of oxygen oxygen content of less than 3ppm

4. Low nitrogen production. The use of ultra-high molecular weight infiltration of the separation technology and effective dehumidification device, thus reducing the original humidity, and can automatically discharge water after shutdown. Using a metal polymer dehumidification and two-stage adsorption, nitrogen purity is greatly improved.

5. Easy to operate, free shipping bottles of labor, the provincial handling of the pain of the cylinder, the use of only need to turn on the power switch can produce nitrogen, can be used continuously, can also be used intermittently, nitrogen production is not stable.

6. Safe and reliable, with the installation device, sensitive and reliable.

Membrane Nitrogen Generator  in the use of the process encountered two common, one is difficult to guarantee the reliability, the second is the safety problems. Its reliability is difficult to ensure that the performance of some of the generators in the purity is not enough, nitrogen and hydrogen in the water content is high and also with a certain degree of corrosion, if the operation will be back to the phenomenon of improper. The above situation will cause the chromatograph is not easy to stabilize and the column efficiency of the column is reduced, serious can make the gas path and the column scrapped, and even causes the chromatograph all scrapped. Followed by the use of the process of security problems, some of the Membrane Nitrogen Generator  compressor in the course of the use of overheating, gas into the oil, leakage and other phenomena, not only damage to the chromatograph, serious will endanger the operator The safety of life.

Because the chromatograph uses high purity nitrogen or high purity hydrogen as the carrier gas, in order to deal with the above problems, we from the hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator and compressor safety and reliability of the three aspects of a few lessons for your reference. Air as auxiliary gas its purity is not high, after dehydration degreasing can basically meet the chromatographic analysis requirements, so this article is no longer detailed analysis.

First of all, the hydrogen generator is mainly composed of electrolysis system, pressure control system, purification system and display system. Electrolysis using the current membrane separation technology, by the infrared photoelectric feedback device and switching power supply pressure control system composed of the amount of hydrogen generated according to the needs of the output automatically adjust to maintain the output flow and pressure stability. The main problems with the use of hydrogen produced by this principle are:

1. Hydrogen generator with KOH aqueous solution produces high moisture content and is corrosive in hydrogen. It is easy to cause instability of chromatograph debugging. Once the hydrogen gas is used for a long time, the carrier gas will inevitably decrease.

2. The use of the principle of hydrogen generated if used for a long time, will cause serious back to the liquid phenomenon. In order to prevent back to the liquid, manufacturers have designed a variety of devices to try to solve this problem, but can not solve the fundamental problem. After all, it is necessary to add liquid, once the anti-back to the liquid device failure will cause the gas and column scrapped, serious and may even lead to all the gas scrapped.

3. Most of the purity of the gas has not been tested, although it can be through the baseline and column life to determine its purity, the result is to the column caused unnecessary losses.

So the hydrogen as auxiliary gas is also OK, so that the carrier gas purity is not enough. In the choice of hydrogen generator priority given to the quality of the manufacturer, you can also install the online purity detection device to ensure the purity of the gas.