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Mobile Nitrogen And Oxygen Generator Equipment Performance Is Stable, Long Life, Flexible Operation Simple
Nov 01, 2017

Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator is based on the general use of oxygen, according to the characteristics of the ozone industry, the development of ozone-specific oxygen equipment. Using a corrosion resistant material suitable for the ozone environment. Increased multi-stage dehumidification device, suitable for ozone high humidity environment. Equipment heating parts and compressed air after deep cooling, equipment, low temperature, suitable for continuous and stable operation. The entire equipment corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, low temperature, 24 hours can be stable operation. Is the third generation of Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator oxygen source.

Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator: the core with the fifth generation of dielectric constant of 80-85 of the special process of composite ceramic manufacturing. Equipment, small size, high concentration. On behalf of the ozone industry advanced technology. Tube-type Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator, equipment, stable performance, long life, flexible operation simple. Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator internal use of special materials, under the same conditions, the yield is 3 times the ordinary glass and quartz glass, and the volume of quartz glass tube volume of only one-third. Life is semi-permanent, end fire, flame retardant, corrosion-resistant. Ozone export concentration is high, up to 60mg / L or more.

Ozone internal water cooling system: Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator cooling using the third generation of internal water cooling system. Ozone cooling is the core of ozone stable work, generally including water cooling and air cooling. The water cooling effect is better than air cooling effect. Water cooling includes the first generation of open water cooling systems and second generation external circulation water cooling systems. Open water cooling system is a serious waste of water resources, long-term work in the ozone wall on the scale, affecting the water cooling effect, thus affecting the ozone production. Outside the pipeline more, but also affect the beautiful. Outside the circulating water cooling system can save water resources, but the general volume is very large, water-cooled power consumption, accounting for space. YG series ozone oxygen one machine using advanced cryogenic technology, cooling efficiency is the traditional 3-5 times. While the power consumption is only one fifth of the traditional external water cooling system. Outside the circulating water cooling general temperature rise will increase 15-20 degrees, while the use of internal circulating water cooling system temperature rise only increased 3-5 degrees. Therefore, the internal cooling water cooling system, high efficiency, low power consumption, small size, built into the device, the whole beautiful, do not need to install the water cooling system.

Ozone used as air disinfection should be based on different application space, different sterilization purposes, and the configuration of different ozone production and ozone concentration of ozone generating device, ozone concentration refers to the natural diffusion of the fixed volume within 30 minutes , The unit is mg / M3, and the ozone production is calculated from the concentration and time accumulation of ozone. The ozone production and ozone concentration are the most basic parameters. Therefore, the purpose of ozone disinfection of ozone disinfection products should be marked with disinfection concentration and disinfection time indicators. There are two common indicators, that is, the application of space ozone safety indicators and product life indicators, but also need to be noted to the user. Such as the general addition to taste, deodorant, etc., the concentration of general does not exceed 0.05ppm. If used for indoor sterilization is generally in the control of 0.1-1ppm; object surface or ward area generally need a higher concentration.

Air sterilization type Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator selection. As the ozone can only be produced in situ, the most economical and technically mature ozone-generating way for corona discharge, and for the air disinfection with the Mobile Nitrogen and Oxygen Generator is the use of high-frequency ceramic discharge mode, it has a simple structure, performance Reliable, low operating costs and flexible adjustment and so on.