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Oxygen Generator Cooling Effect Is Good, Work Stable
Jun 20, 2017

According to the way of ozone generated, the current Oxygen Generator is mainly three: high-pressure discharge, ultraviolet radiation, electrolysis.

High voltage discharge generator

This type of Oxygen Generator is the use of a certain frequency of high-voltage current to create high-voltage corona electric field, so that the electric field or electric field around the oxygen molecules electrochemical reaction, thus making ozone.

This Oxygen Generator has the advantages of mature technology, stable operation, long service life, large ozone production (single machine up to 1Kg / h), etc., so it is the most widely used Oxygen Generator in related industries at home and abroad.

In the high-pressure discharge type Oxygen Generator is divided into the following types:

1, according to the generator of high voltage frequency division, there are frequency (50-60Hz), intermediate frequency (400-1000Hz) and high frequency (> 1000Hz) three. Power frequency generator due to bulky, high power consumption shortcomings, has been basically out of the market. Medium and high frequency generator with small size, low power consumption, ozone production and other advantages, is now the most commonly used products.

2, according to the use of gas raw materials division, there are two types of oxygen and air. Oxygen is usually supplied by oxygen cylinders or oxygen generators. The air type is usually made of clean and dry compressed air as raw material. Since ozone is produced by oxygen and only 21% of the oxygen content in the air, the airborne generator produces a relatively low ozone concentration and the oxygen purity of the bottled or oxygen generator is above 90%. Therefore, the oxygen type The generator has a higher ozone concentration.

3, according to the cooling method, there are water-cooled and air-cooled type. Oxygen Generator work will produce a lot of heat, you need to cool, otherwise the ozone will be due to high temperature and side edge decomposition. Water-cooled generator cooling effect is good, stable, ozone no attenuation, and can work for a long time, but the structure is complex, the cost is slightly higher. Air-cooled cooling effect is not ideal, ozone attenuation significantly. The overall performance of stable high-performance Oxygen Generator is usually water-cooled. Air-cooled is generally used only for medium and low-grade Oxygen Generators with small ozone production. In the selection of generators, should try to use water-cooled type.

4, according to the dielectric material division, common quartz tube (a glass), ceramic plate, ceramic tube, glass tube and enamel tube and other types. The current use of various types of dielectric materials produced by the Oxygen Generator are sold on the market, the performance of different glass dielectrics are low cost performance is the artificially manufactured ozone one of the earliest materials, but the mechanical strength is poor. Ceramics and glass are similar but the ceramic should not be processed especially in large-scale ozone machines. Enamel is a new kind of dielectric material, medium and electrode in one mechanical strength is high, can be precision machining precision is high, widely used in large and medium-sized Oxygen Generator, but the manufacturing cost is higher.

5, according to the structure of the Oxygen Generator, there are gap discharge (DBD) and open two. The structure of the gap discharge is characterized by ozone in the gap between the inside and outside the electrode to produce ozone, ozone can be concentrated to collect the output using its higher concentration, such as for water treatment. The electrodes of the open generator are exposed to the air and the resulting ozone diffuses directly into the air because the lower ozone concentration is usually used only for small spaces of air sterilization or for the disinfection of certain small items. The gap discharge generator can be used instead of an open generator. But the gap discharge type Oxygen Generator cost is much higher than the open type.

2 UV type Oxygen Generator

This type of Oxygen Generator is the use of specific wavelength (185mm) of ultraviolet radiation oxygen molecules, so that oxygen molecules to produce ozone decomposition. As the UV lamp bulky, low ozone production, short life, so this generator is used in a narrow range, commonly used in sterile cupboards.

3 electrolytic generator

This type of Oxygen Generator usually produces ozone by electrolysis of purified water. This generator can produce high concentrations of ozone water, low manufacturing cost, easy to use and maintenance. However, due to the ozone production can not be bigger, the electrode life is short, ozone is not easy to collect and other shortcomings, its scope of use is limited. At present, this generator is only used in some small equipment or some specific places, do not have to replace the conditions of high-voltage discharge generator.

Overview of Oxygen Generators

Oxygen Generator Overview Oxygen Generator is used to make ozone equipment. Ozone easy to break down can not be stored to be made on-site use (but in special circumstances can be a short period of time storage), where the ozone can be used to use the Oxygen Generator. Oxygen Generator in tap water, sewage, industrial oxidation, space sterilization and other fields widely used.

Ozone is recognized as a broad spectrum of highly effective disinfectants in the world. The use of air or oxygen as raw materials using high-frequency high-pressure discharge ozone. Ozone more oxygen than the oxygen molecules of a more active oxygen atom ozone, the chemical nature of particularly lively, is a strong oxidant, in a certain concentration can quickly kill bacteria in the air. Without any toxic residues, will not form secondary pollution, known as "the most clean oxidants and disinfectants."