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Oxygen Generator Designed For Ease Of Use
Jul 20, 2017

Oxygen Generator, ozone disinfection machine, is used to prepare ozone equipment. Ozone is easy to decompose and can not be stored. It is required to be used in the field (but in special cases where it can be stored for a short period of time). Ozone gas can not be stored and must be made on site and transported through the ozone conveying pipeline. With the ozone system to work together, can better kill bacteria. Its use of a wide range of places, especially for the treatment of air applications have been all walks of life, we will be more and more understanding of ozone, we will be more efforts to explore the application areas for the benefit of mankind.

Function: disinfection deodorant principle: ozone sterilization belongs to the biochemical oxidation reaction. Ozone oxidizes the enzymes necessary for the decomposition of bacteria inside the bacteria; it can also act directly with bacteria, viruses, destroy their cell walls and ribonucleic acid, break down DNA, RNA, protein, lipids and polysaccharides and other macromolecules, Membrane tissue, into the cell membrane of the internal lipopolysaccharide in the outer membrane lipoprotein reaction, so that the bacteria material permeability distortion, leading to cell death, and death of the body of the genetic, parasitic bacteria, parasitic virus Particles, phage, mycoplasma and pyrogen (bacterial and viral metabolites, endotoxin) and other dissolved degeneration death. The use of "ozone" oxidation of the natural characteristics of the Ammonia flavor and organic pollutants in the decomposition of the decomposition of the odor generated by the decomposition, it destroyed the molecular structure of the formation of odor substances, resulting in non-toxic, odorless substances The Swimming pool International swimming pool is almost all the use of ozone technology, not only can remove the residual chlorine in water, decomposition of chlorine disinfection of chloroform, bromodichloromethane, carbon tetrachloride and other carcinogenic chlorinated organic matter. And can be sterilized; more economical is to extend the use of water time, cost reduction.

Main use: Oxygen Generator is mainly used for pharmaceutical water, pure water, mineral water, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, aquaculture water, food and beverage industries such as water disinfection purification, as well as chemical industry, paper industry degreasing, bleaching, bleaching , For life, industry, hospital sewage discharge standards (sterilization, removal of BDR, COD, etc.), and domestic sewage, industrial cooling water reuse treatment.

This Oxygen Generator is generally relatively low concentration, mainly for air or surface disinfection, sterilization, in addition to taste, deodorant, storage and other fresh use, the concentration of ozone is generally within 5ppm, with ordinary air as raw materials Ozone is used for field applications, so people are often referred to as airborne Oxygen Generators.

Air-type Oxygen Generator is mainly composed of four parts:

(1) Ozone generation systems, including generating devices and dedicated power supplies;

(2) air supply system, the general use of fans or air pump, the purpose is to supply the system to generate new air supply and the application of ozone generated;

(3) timing system, because the output of ozone is a cumulative amount, in a certain device conditions, the gas production is different from different production time is also different, the general generator of the amount of measurement are calculated by hours (h), so the timing The system is essential, depending on the purpose of use, space, and ozone requirements.

(4) control system, Oxygen Generator is a consumer electrical products, the control mode is generally manual, automatic, CNC three types, mainly for the convenience of the use of design.