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Oxygen Generator Gas Volume Increased, The Concentration Decreased
Jul 01, 2017

Ozone concentration According to the specifications of the equipment, structural materials and discharge parameters, ozone concentration monitoring, according to the determination of ozone concentration detector or iodometric method and other chemical titration. Ozone concentration in mg / L or g / m3.

The international top ozone technology using quartz glass tube cavity, the technology air source system Oxygen Generator concentration 20mg / L; oxygen source system Oxygen Generator concentration 100mg / L; use of liquid oxygen as a gas source for the Oxygen Generator, the ozone concentration can be Reaching more than 120mg / L. Some Oxygen Generator manufacturers to meet market demand, wantonly false production of their own ozone concentration can reach hundreds or even hundreds of mg / L to the current level of the ozone industry, in the same yield and gas volume of the case, the current can do Of the ozone concentration also 180mg / L or so.

Ozone gas unit m3 / h or L / min (1m3 / h = 1000L / 60min). The amount of gas can be observed through the flow meter, the flow rate on the flowmeter is the standard atmospheric pressure flow, so a standard atmospheric pressure of the actual Oxygen Generator should be: flow meter shows the gas reading × (pressure gauge shows the amount of gas +1) The

Such as: Oxygen Generator flowmeter shows 10m3 / h, the pressure gauge shows 0.08Mpa (0.1Mpa = 1kg), then a standard atmospheric pressure under the actual ozone outlet = 10 × (0.8 +1) = 18m3 / h.

According to the formula, the output of the same circumstances, the gas increased, the concentration decreased, gas volume decreased, the concentration increased. Similarly, for the same ozone equipment, the rest of the same control, single adjustment of its gas concentration also followed changes.

Can be judged by the pressure gauge. Under certain pressure conditions, the ozone power supply is more likely to emit ozone, so the higher the ozone chamber, the higher the ozone concentration, the higher the current. Control the pressure of the ozone reaction chamber, intended to control its discharge current. Ozone pressure unit Mpa, 0.1Mpa = 1 kg. The pressure refers to the internal pressure of the reaction chamber under an atmospheric pressure, so when calculating the amount of ozone gas, it should be set at an atmospheric pressure.

According to the above relationship, yield = concentration × gas × pressure, for example: a ozone device concentration 80mg / L, gas rotor flowmeter shows 2m3 / h, pressure gauge shows 0.07Mpa, the actual output of the device is 80 × 2 × (0.7 + 1) = 272 g / h.

Industrial Oxygen Generator power supply is basically 220v / 380V50HZ, Oxygen Generator basically use high-frequency inverter power supply, the output of 1kg (1000g) air source Oxygen Generator power remained at about 20KW, the corresponding single-phase current 30A; yield 1kg oxygen The source Oxygen Generator power is basically maintained at about 10KW, the corresponding single-phase current is about 15A.

Oxygen Generator is generated by high-pressure discharge of ozone, in the process of high-pressure discharge will produce heat and thus affect the concentration of ozone, so large-scale Oxygen Generator with a cooling water system, large-scale Oxygen Generator will be equipped with cooling water radiator to reduce cooling The amount of water used.