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Pressure, Pressure, Pressure, Absolute Pressure, Relative Pressure
Jan 05, 2017

Impact of gas molecular motion of vessel wall the force produced by pressure. Pressure pressure on the containers per unit area. Pressure units customarily use millimeters of mercury (mmHg)/square centimeter (cm2), universal (legal metrology) pago (Pa), kPa (kPa), MPA (MPa). Conversion 1mmHg=133.3Pa=0.1333kPa,1MPa=1000kPa=1000000Pao1ATA=0.1MPao.

Surrounded by a thick layer of the Earth's surface, the atmosphere of the Earth's surface or objects caused by pressure on the surface is called "atmosphere", the symbol b; the pressure directly on the container or object, known as the "absolute", absolute pressure value to absolute vacuum as a starting point, the symbol for PABS.

With pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, u-tube instruments measured pressure called "table pressure" (also known as relative pressure), "table pressure" in atmospheric pressure as the starting point, the symbol for Pg. Relationship between the three is: PABS==B+Pg.