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PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption Principle
Jan 05, 2017

Carbon molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, its adsorption as the pressure increases, and under the same pressure oxygen and nitrogen equilibrium adsorption of no obvious difference. Thus, with only a pressure change difficult to achieve effective separation of oxygen and nitrogen. Adsorption rate if further consideration, will be able to distinguish between adsorption of nitrogen and oxygen effectively. Oxygen molecules in diameter smaller than nitrogen molecules, thus the proliferation of hundreds of times faster than nitrogen, so the carbon molecular sieve oxygen speed quickly, suctioning for about 1 minute over 90% and nitrogen adsorption capacity is only about 5%, so at this point largely on adsorption of oxygen, while the rest are generally nitrogen. In this way, if the absorption time control in less than 1 minute, you can the preliminary separation of oxygen and nitrogen, that is, adsorption and desorption are fulfilled by pressure, increased pressure absorption, desorption pressure decline. Distinguish between oxygen and nitrogen is adsorbed depends on both the speed difference, achieved by controlling the time, time is very short, oxygen fully adsorption, adsorption nitrogen had a chance, stops the adsorption process. Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen to a pressure change, time will also be controlled within 1 minute.