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Storage Tank
Jan 05, 2017

Tank for storing acids and bases, alcohol, gases, liquids, and chemicals. Tanks are widely in North China, according to the different materials in general are: polyethylene storage tanks, poly tanks, fiberglass tanks, rubber, ceramic storage tank storage tanks, stainless steel tanks, and so on. Tank price, now with the most superior liner polyethylene storage tanks, it has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, long life and so on, the appearance can make establishment-type, horizontal, transportation, mixing and many other varieties.

For store liquid or gas of steel business sealed container that for steel business storage tank, steel business storage tank engineering is oil, and chemical, and agri-, and food, and fire, and traffic, and metallurgical, and defense, industry essential of, and important of based facilities, we of economic life in the always without greatly small of steel business storage tank, steel business storage tank in economy development in the by up of important role is no can alternative of. With front storage tank industry of constantly development, increasingly more of industry and enterprise using to has storage tank, increasingly more of enterprise into to has storage tank industry, steel business storage tank is store various liquid (or gas) raw materials and the finished of dedicated equipment, on many enterprise, no storage tank on cannot normal production, especially national strategy material reserves are without various capacity and type of storage tank. Storage facilities in China mainly to tanks on the ground, and most of the metal structure.