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System Use
Jan 05, 2017

Oil and gas industry-specific nitrogen making machine is suitable for continental oil and gas exploration, coastal and deep sea oil and gas exploration in the nitrogen protection, transmission, coverage, replacement of nitrogen injection, rescue, maintenance, production and other fields. With high security, adaptation, continuity of production characteristics.

Chemical industry-specific nitrogen applied in petrochemical, coal chemicals, salt chemicals, natural gas, chemicals, fine chemicals, new materials and its extension, such as chemical processing industry, nitrogen gas is mainly used for covering, purge, replacement, cleaning, pressure feed stirring, chemical reactions, chemical fiber production, nitrogen protection and other fields.

Metallurgical industry-specific nitrogen making machine is suitable for heat treatment, bright annealing, heat protection, powder metallurgy, copper aluminum processing, magnetic sintering, precious metals processing, bearing production and other fields. With high purity, continuous production, part of the process contains a certain amount of hydrogen with nitrogen to increase light intensity and so on.

Industry-specific nitrogen machine applied to coal mining in coal mine fire, gas and diluted gas field, with terrestrial fixed, land mobile, mobile downhole three specifications, fully meet the nitrogen needs of different conditions.

Rubber tire industry-specific nitrogen making machine is suitable for rubber and the curing process of tire production in nitrogen, forming and other fields. Especially in all-steel radial truck tire production, nitrogen vulcanization process has been gradually replaced by steam curing process. With high nitrogen purity, continuity of production, nitrogen pressure is high and so on.

Food industry-specific nitrogen applied green food storage, nitrogen filling packaging, vegetable food preservation, wine (canned) and save.