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When Is It Time To Replace Your Old PSA Generator?
Dec 12, 2017

OXYMAT has manufactured and sold PSA oxygen generators for almost 40 years. We are one of the first companies in the PSA business. We keep developing our PSA generator, to reduce power consumption and running costs, which also reduces CO2 emission. Being one of the first manufactures in the world, OXYMAT has built many long-term relationships, with customers who appreciate on-site production, as this means being independent from liquid oxygen supply.

Throughout the years we have sold our generators to many different customers and industries. On the Faroe Islands, we have been the main supplier to the aquaculture business for years, a business which OXYMAT has experienced an increasing growth potential. Because of the fast development of the aquaculture on the Faroe Islands, the demand for oxygen increases fast.

Sometimes you realize that even though your PSA system has worked perfectly after many years of 24/7 production, a new and more economical PSA generator must be installed, to reduce running costs.

This was the case for Hiddenfjord production plant.  We changed 4 old PSA generators and compressors into 4 new and modern PSA oxygen generator lines. The result was a saving per kg of produced oxygen of almost 50%. In other words, Hiddenfjord now produces almost the double amount of oxygen with the same kW power consumption as before.

We value our customers and we want to help our customers to optimize their business. If your generator is more than 5 years old, please let us do a calculation, whether your business could benefit from a system swop or not. If you save 50% on energy consumption, then return of investment is less than 2 years.

For more information regarding OXYMAT A/S and our solutions to optimize your business, visit www.oxymat.com, e-mail sales@oxymat.com or call at +45 4879 7811, and one of OXYMAT’s competent employees can guide you to the right solution for your needs.